The Reebok Flexweave is knitted perfectly to ease your run for ₹9999

Woven for the flex
15 March 2018 / 14:50IST

In today’s time, it’s all about the flex. Literally. Reebok’s Flexwave running shoes are woven with a figure eight design on the upper shoe to make your feet feel airy and light. Don’t hesitate 'cause of its ₹9999 price tag, it’s made keeping you and your flappy feet in mind. Quality matters when it comes to running, your knees will thank you when you’re 50. Nevertheless, Reebok's Flexweave has a type of 3D foam midsole that is equipped with footprint mapping so your hopscotch and jump to your nearest corniche isn't a task. Your runs on Carter Road won’t just feel effortless and easy, but they’ll grab attention because of your kicks too. Start running to your nearest Reebok store, or order them online from here so you can put on those kicks in your crib and go.