Pix Backpack’s interactive screen is sure to make airport waits less boring

Prepare for when you travel next by putting this on your shopping list
31 March 2020 / 18:07IST

So far we hated airport waits, but post quarantine we might just start looking forward to the extra time. Pix programmable LED Backpack has us convinced of that. Once the world gains normalcy, travel bans lift and the world is ‘normal’ again, make sure you invest in one of these portable backpacks that combine its utility with the creativity of a very cool gadget. It syncs with your Android and iOS phones, and voila! Your backpack goes from boring to interesting in a breath. You can control the appearance to display images and animations, and even play games right on the screen (16x20pixel resolution) of your Pix Backpack. Airport coffee spills aren’t an issue either, ‘cos the 27L backpack is made of water resistant material and is big enough to store the essentials while catching a flight, going to college, or taking your own entertainment device to the workplace. At $259, it does make for a pricey investment to while away time, but all the money you saved sitting at home should more than make up for it. The Pix Backpack is available on, so here’s something to really look forward to when normal is normal again.