Hyperice is now ready to massage your muscle tension

For the stiff ones
05 September 2021 / 15:18IST

Even if your daily job is to move from the bed to the couch, Hyperice India should still bring a smile to your face. The athlete-driven company is making a stop in India to nourish the budding talent with its latest gadgets and gears for muscle recovery. The Hypervolt Go (₹18,999) is the company’s most accessible product and is aimed at even the ma and pa crowd. It has a 3-speed setting with a 40W brushless motor to quietly massage all your aching parts. Even the questionable ones. But if you’re serious about preventing muscle injuries and releasing those knots, Hyperice India has brought a meaty catalogue of products to aid every part of your body. Shoulder, back, knee and muscles, all parts of the body can be targetted for muscle recovery and pain relief. Some of the products are even travel friendly and can be plonked in your backpack easily.