Heading out? Anker could watch over your phone’s battery

Powerbanks are always the need of the hour, when you see red
10 October 2019 / 13:04IST

You rush out of home, and just when you hit the road your smartphone vibrated shortly to inform you that it’s about to die. That red line on the bottom of the battery icon is pretty scary, especially when you are not around a charger. What do you do? Well, keep it charged when indoors or pick up a powerbank if you don’t already have one. Anker has a ₹1999 10000mAh power bank that can help you charge not one, but two smartphones together, and that too almost 3x faster. With enough juice to top up your smartphone more than twice, this little black box can be a life saver when you need it. Packed with Power IQ , VoltageBoost and MultiProtect technologies, this light-weight powerbank is also compact and pocketable.