Carriall Hive is a frequent-flyer's best buddy

Carriall my wayward son...
03 July 2019 / 18:05IST

There’s little to no room to make things smart anymore. Apps are dropping like the Mumbai rains and the ones that fall in your smartphone, stick around till you have no use of them. What if we told you the Carriall Hive (name changes depending upon the design on the outside) is a trackable luggage box on wheels. It comes with your handy-dandy beeping tracker that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Once you download the Carriall app, just press and hold the button on the Bluetooth buzzer which comes inside the bag and connect it to your smartphone. Now you can effectively track your four-wheel luggage box and even send the buzzer into alert mode to locate it in case its missing from within eyeshot. It starts to make a loud beeping noise which is audible from under all that masala papad you’ve stuffed in the bag.The front compartment of the Hive is an accurate replica of your laptop bag. There are all the handy compartments for your tech accessories, chargers and the laptop itself. The hard polycarbonate top will protect that precious tech sitting inside as well. Where you dump your clothes is also very well compartmentalised. Carriall has given a toiletry bag inside for storing the needful as well. And if you feel like you’ve packed more than necessary then the weighing scale on the handle will remind you to stay within the limits of cabin luggage. The sublime wheels on this make it a breeze to move it around with one hand and you can charge your phone directly from a USB socket on the top of the bag too.