Budweiser and HUF spark the skating streetwear fashion and culture in India

Skate with your Buds
11 April 2019 / 17:10IST

If you keep aside the potholes, cows and the erratic weather, Skating is not a bad idea on the streets of India. Skateboarding, rollerblading or just skating in general is a niche sport here and thanks to the western influence, it’s starting to grow in its own ways. Thanks to the BudX event in Mumbai, skaters from India got a chance to flaunt off their tricks and skills on the skating rig, wearing the HUF x Budweiser apparel. If you didn’t know, HUF is an iconic skating streetwear brand and its making its way to India to kickstart and celebrate the skating culture in India through the launch of this limited edition capsule. The collection consists of its HUF Dirtbag Crew spin on Budweiser’s classic script, bow-ties and label designs across a range of tees, hoodies, hats, denim jackets and other cool accessories. You can window shop or buy yourself something from here. Bring your buds and let’s skate, shall we?