Survive Covid will test your skills and your heart

It will also get you in touch with reality
09 May 2020 / 14:36IST

Survive Covid is a short game created by Yein Udaan NGO and XR Labs with a simple task of answering a few questions. Created to raise awareness of the ground reality that many of India’s slum dwellers and daily wage workers are facing right now, it puts you in the place of a housemaid living with two sons, an in-law and your husband with almost no monetary savings. The game asks you tough decision-based questions and your only task is to survive the lockdown without contracting the virus or running out of money. Some of the questions are truly gut-wrenching and the way you answer determines the two factors – money and the risk of infection. We couldn’t get past the third question. See if you have the heart to go through the whole game here while you sip on your Dalgona coffee.