Logitech’s latest gamer-friendly keyboard is in stealth mode

No unwanted flash - just quality clicky keys that get the job done
19 April 2017 / 19:05IST

You can normally spot a gaming keyboard from a mile away - it’ll be big, bulky, and overloaded with flashing LED lights. Not so with Logitech’s subtle G413: it's got Romer-G mechanical switches underneath for super-speedy keypresses and finger-loving tactile feedback, but doesn’t overdo it on the design. The aircraft-grade aluminium top plate will look the part on any desk, not just ones with beefy gaming PCs sat alongside them, in black or silver colours. You can work during the day, then load up each key with macros and play into the night. The G413 is on sale right now, for ₹7,495.