The Cobx Masters eSports tournament was a gaming fiesta

And winners took home a total prize-pool of $200,000!
08 April 2019 / 19:40IST

The gaming industry is on maximum throttle right now and professional gamers aren’t tired of those big numbered cheques or the glorious social media fame. To add to that thought, we witnessed another round of eSports awesomeness at the Cobx Masters Tournament, where professional gamers from eight countries flew down to Mumbai to write their names in history and bag that $200,000 cash prize-pool. CS:GO winners MVP PK from South Korea and Dota2 winners Detonators from Japan each bagged a $60,000 cheque, whilst Tigers and Alpha Red took home $20,000 each. There was also a separate gaming zone for PUBG gamers who could come participate and compete for a prize of ₹2 lakhs. Now that’s big money talk right here. We expect more tournaments like these happening in the near future, but in the meanwhile, if you’ve got what it takes to be the best, go sign up and participate! And hey, it’s not ‘just a game’ any more.