Revolt on India’s first AI Enabled motorcycle

It has its own app and can recognize your voice too
19 June 2019 / 14:50IST

The RV-400 is India’s first AI enabled bike and although the complete specs have yet not been shared, neither the price, but there’s a lot to tell you about in terms of its app connectivity. It looks like a regular bike, a sort of fusion of the Dukes, Pulsars and a little bit of FZ. With LEDs upfront and behind, the RV-400 comes with combi disc brakes but no ABS. Now the major problem with EV is charging and Revolt’s solution is a swappable rechargeable battery which you can swap out at one of Revolt’s Swap centres or simply call for it at home through the app. The unit weighs a hefty 15kgs, but it does allow you the convenience to charge it at home. It promises an ARAI figure of 160kms and can hit a claimed top speed of 85kmh. There’s other fun bits that the app allows too. You can customise the vehicles sound and swap it out for something that you have recorded or choose one from Revolt’s forums. The RV-400 also has a geofencing feature and the bike also learns your riding mannerisms to help give you statistics and work on your skills. Bookings start in Delhi from the 25th on for just ₹1000.

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