Fly behind the enemy lines with the Royal Enfield Classic 500 Pegasus

Made like a gun, flies like a Pegasus
31 May 2018 / 13:53IST

Royal Enfield has been making motorcycles long before any of us seen the light of day. And it's been there during the World Wars to add a piece of history to its fame. This 500cc thumper is inspired by the legendary RE/WD Flying Flea 125 from World War II. It was a light and nimble machine used by British paratroopers to parachute behind the enemy lines. The whole bike was dropped by parachute in a protective steel cradle or carried in Horsa assault gliders. Rightly so embodying a Pegasus logo - the official Parachute Regiment insignia. Each of the thousand new Classic 500 Pegasus will have that logo on the tank along with an an individual stencilled serial number and obviously the cult favourite Royal Enfield ‘Made Like a Gun’ decal on the battery box. Painted in the wartime colours of Service Brown and Olive Drab Green, India will get only the Service Brown version. Legend says it will be for ₹2,49,217 (On road Mumbai). 250 of the Classic Pegasus will be on sale on July 10th exclusively on the Royal Enfield website. Over and out!

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