BMW’s Concept Link is an eco e-bike for city whizzers

Angular transport for a cleaner future
08 June 2017 / 11:44IST

There’s a certain mediterranean frivolity to flicking a moped through city traffic, what with the put-put of the two-stroke as it wheezes up congested hills, before conking out beside an espresso bar. Sadly, BMW doesn’t do mediteranean frivolity. BMW does all-electric, zero emissions Tron bikes built for the future. Meet the Motorrad Concept Link: an urban transport solution packed with connected tech (think calendar integration so your bike knows your schedule) that the German marque reckons will soon clean up city streets. Handlebar shortcut buttons partner with an HUD and touch-panel for a tech-heavy eco experience, too - though it’s “still a prototype”. Boo.

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