Sony’s ZV-1 digital camera promises to make vlogging easy

Pocket-sized career starter
24 July 2020 / 15:01IST

Aside from sitting inside your pocket, the Sony ZV-1 packs in exciting features for folks who like to talk to a camera. It’s designed to be lightweight which means you can hold it high using a grip and walk among pedestrians like it’s a normal thing to do. The camera uses a combination of electronic and optical stabilization for HD videos and Optical Steady Shot (optical stabilization) mode for 4K videos. The side-opening LCD screen shows you the frame in real-time and possibly let's you make adjustments to background blur. Albeit, background blur is something the camera can intelligently do too. It borrows the eye-tracking and auto-focus that can smoothly transition from the subject’s face and the object placed in front of the lens. Walking in and out of tricky light situations are also taken care of and accounted for here. Only time will tell how the ZV-1 will appeal to the vlogging audience. You can pick this one up for ₹77,990 starting 6th August on Amazon India.