Sony A9 II – The Usain Bolt of cameras?

More than you can handle
06 December 2019 / 17:37IST

We reviewed the OG A9 a while ago and let us tell you, it was quite a handful. Brilliant in every conceivable way, but also too capable in its performance and features for mortals like us to master. Sony has gone and done it with the next iteration. The A9 II dropped today and for hardcore professionals, this is touted to take the game up to the next level. The new A9 features blistering performance, boasting blackout-free continuous shooting at up to 20 frames a second with Auto Focus and Exposure Tracking being taken care of 60 times a second – 60 times a second! And that’s not the only number that’s mind-boggling. This monstrous camera also features 693 focal-plane phase-detection AF points that cover around 93% of the image area. That ensures real-time eye-tracking – and more notably eye-tracking for animals, which means getting that award-winning shot of a speeding cheetah in full crisp focus. At ₹3,99,990, you’d better have deep pockets or be a professional to get this piece of capturing hardware.