Rock your journey with Sound One V9 wireless cans

The V9 Bluetooth headphones are priced for ₹3490.
19 July 2019 / 13:44IST

Seeking a decent pair of premium-style headphones on a puny budget?

You should try out the Sound One V9. While the price of the V9 is tagged at ₹3490, it is presently available on launch offer for ₹1390. These cans boast of Bluetooth 5.0 with a battery life of 8 hours and a quick charge feature to top up within 3 hours. If you still manage to squeeze out all the juice, you can still use the headphone by connecting the audio cable to the aux-in port. The headphones feature 40mm drivers, a built-in microphone and a micro SD card slot so you can store and play your music from the headphone itself. Lastly, the folding design makes it compact enough for carrying it around.