The Ora GQ headphones use graphene to deliver outstanding sound

Nanotech construction for next level listening
23 June 2017 / 14:08IST

Everyone’s got a pair of headphones. Some go in your ears, some go on your ears. Some are great, some are, well, not so great. Thing is, headphones haven’t changed much in the last decade: it’s all cones and vibrations, refined and redesigned. Until now. Meet the Ora GQ - the world’s first set of cans to employ Graphene nanotechnology to make your plugged-in noise sound so much sweeter. Long hailed as the Next Big Thing in material tech, Ora has patented GrapheneQ membranes to deliver huge improvements in precision, scope and frequency response. Sure, it’ll cost you upwards of 329 Canadian dollars (around ₹16,000) on Kickstarter - but it’ll also be a world first that’s truly kind to the ears.