Montblanc’s new MB 01 wireless headphones define luxury

Luxury for your ears
23 March 2020 / 16:02IST

While the technology and the quality of most premium headphones have improved from generation to generation, they don’t really look as good as they sound. And the most practical ones stick to plastic, not just to keep the pricing in check but also to make them lightweight when you store them in your backpack. Montblanc seems to have come out with a more radical-looking option. Called the MB 01, these wireless headphones will break the bank at €590 but you really won’t mind because they look so good. Yes, the MB 01s make quite a first impression and are crafted from aluminium and fine leather. The design is meant to be lightweight and Montblanc claims that those leather ear cushions will pamper your ears on those long flights. Talking about long flights, these are meant to last for up to 20 hours on a single charge and also pack in active noise cancelling to silence those annoying co-passengers on long flights.