The Marshall Mode II make a rock 'n' roll entrance to the wireless earbud party

Fashionably late
05 March 2021 / 12:42IST

At this point it’s becoming easier to point out brands that haven’t introduced a pair of true wireless earbuds. In fact, where are yours, reader? And after impressing us - occasionally to a 5-star-worthy degree - with a series of Bluetooth speakers and headphones, Marshall is getting in on the act too. As its debut wire-free buds, the Mode II have to be good, and Marshall has promised that custom-tuned 6mm drivers will deliver big bass, natural mids and crisp treble, with a presumably in-app EQ on board to fine-tune your preferred sound. There are lots of ticks on the checklist: touch controls, IPX4 water resistance, Bluetooth 5.1 and voice assistant support. But as is usually the way with Marshall gear, the Mode II’s standout feature is design. Looking a bit like they were forged from a classic Marshall amp with their rubberised finish and “M” logo, these are some of the best-looking buds we’ve seen, and that extends to the charging case, which affords you 25-hours of listening of battery life, including the five hours you’ll get from a full charge. And best of all? No noise complaints when you crank them unreasonably up loud. Look after those ears, though.