Kokoon’s headphones aid sleep too

Enjoy music, or sleep like a baby with an ergonomic Kokoon
30 October 2019 / 14:02IST

No one would imagine wearing bulky headphones to sleep. But Kokoon has finally designed one that can not only entertain your bed-time flicks, but also play relaxing tones to put you to sleep, whilst still wearing them. The Kokoon is the first noise cancelling headphones that are designed to entertain as well as aid sleep. Built with BT v4.0 and 40mm drivers, the cans feature EEG sensors that measure your brainwaves, motion and heart rate, apart from using environment tracking to know the best music/volume combo and help you relax to finally fall asleep. And when it senses you asleep, the app automatically fades out the content and introduces white noise to mask out all disturbances. Promising max comfort, the cans use Flexmould Comfort’s patent designed washable cushions to mould to the shape of the user’s head. Pick one from starting at $349 (approx ₹25,000 + taxes + shipping).