Jabra aims to do it all with the Elite Sport

Fitness freedom with the new Jabra Elite Sport
03 August 2017 / 18:02IST

It might not look the part, but these Jabra Elite Sport in-ears are probably your best ticket to wireless freedom. These earbuds are completely wireless and promise a fuss-free and elite (yes, we know) exercising experience. There's an in-ear heart rate monitor and the buds have up to three hours of music and calls with an additional six hours of charge provided by the carry case. The IP67 protection will protect it from moist situations as well. The Sport Life app complements the Elite Sport earbuds by helping you gauge your fitness level with the VO2 Max measurement, improve your run timing with the race-time predictor, and plan workouts whether it’s running or crossfit with updates delivered in-ear, in real time.  The earbuds are equipped with four microphones, two on each side with the heart rate monitor in the right earbud. Double tap to hear ambient sounds for better safety especially if you’re running or cycling near a road. Additionally, if a call comes in, there’s no need to whip out your phone because audio prompts and voice control lets you manage your calls. The Jabra Elite Sport connects to most smartphones via Bluetooth and the Sport Life app is available for both iOS and Android devices.