iPhone, Pixel can talk to your car with New York

Blaupunkt names its car infotainment systems after places
24 October 2019 / 17:21IST

If your car does not recognize that expensive smartphone you carry, either you be left out or replace your car. However, here’s an alternative. Replace that old CD/FM/MP3 player to Blaupunkt’s latest infotainment release. New York 750 is their latest offering that will now club along with your smartphone for maximum compatibility. Be it Apple’s CarPlay or Google’s Android Auto, your old car can cross talk the moment it plugs in. And if you wish to mirror your smartphone, you can use the PhoneLink mode. The 750 features a 6.75in 800x400 pixel LCD touchscreen display with four 50W power amplifiers for your passengers to chill with their videos, while you can have your rear-view camera also put on that display. Lastly, the unit can be controlled completely from your steering wheel, ensuring you have your eyes on the road ahead. For a price of just ₹21,990, you can upgrade your car with a free rear-view camera thrown in too.