Bowers & Wilkins gives flagship 800 series a refresh

Diamonds are forever
25 August 2021 / 14:59IST

From Abbey Road to Alibag, Bowers & Wilkins have served musicians and audiophiles for decades and it’s the 800 series that’s always been the epitome of the British brand’s engineering prowess. After almost six years of intense R&D, the new generation of the 800 Series Diamond is ready to go on sale, globally and in India soon too. Refinements have been made across the board but the most revolutionary new tech is the Biomimetic Suspension that foregoes the generations-old fabric suspension behind the driver, traditionally called the “spider”. There’s a much percentage of aluminium in the cabinet to increase inertness and rigidity while the iconic tweeter-on-top gets a revised housing for a more open sound. All of these changes aim to make the sound of the entire range more dynamic, more detailed and with vanishingly low coloration from the cabinet adding anything of its own. Three “headed” models (801, 802, 803), one regular floorstanding and one bookshelf speaker make up the main range while two matching centre channels are on offer too. All models incorporate a bespoke ‘Leather by Connolly’ finish, to add to the luxury quotient.