Beyerdynamic’s MMX 300 gaming headset are set to bring hi-fi to gaming

Down for a second round
22 July 2020 / 16:37IST

Beyerdynamic is tiptoeing into gamer territory with their MMX 300 and this time the German audio experts are promising hi-fi fidelity for video games and video game streamers. The closed design construction is taken from pilot headsets, which Beyerdynamic knows a thing or two about. It even creates a passive seal by dropping ambient noise by 18 decibels. The choice to stick with cables is not surprising but they’re are really long ones! The basic 1.2meter cable can reach your console at the end of the room and if you still feel the need to cover some ground, there’s a special extension cable that doubles the range of up to 2.4meters. The headsets are available on Headphoneszone and Amazon India website for ₹29,999.