Swiggy SUPER is a subscription for chowing down the delivery charges

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02 August 2018 / 12:57IST

Top three mysteries of the world are - The Bermuda Triangle, Trump’s victory and the decision of what to order for lunch at Stuff India HQ. Even so, paying exorbitant amounts of delivery charges saps out the bank account and that is why Swiggy SUPER is about to fix that problem with unlimited free deliveries for a small fee. You pay between ₹99 to ₹149 for a month or ₹249 to ₹349 for three months to get subscribed. The rates of subscription differ from city to city, depending on the consumer’s payment behaviour. That’s what Swiggy told us. We’d like to believe that if you’re a tiffin-less junkie like our Editor, then Swiggy SUPER could be your saving grace because it will work across all restaurants irrespective of distance or time of day. However, lunch orders at Stuff still remain a mystery until the very end.