StepSetGo sets a 21-day fitness challenge and makes it rewarding

A fit body will just be a side effect
15 April 2020 / 17:14IST

While there’s an arsenal of fitness apps out there that you’ve been using as per convenience, a rewarding platform like StepSetGo is one to ensure those daily workouts aren’t done half-heartedly. Download the app, set up the challenge and get ready to be grinded by a series of 7 rounds of challenges to get a fit body by the end of this quarantine. Staying home in this case is rewarding, because with each level of this nationwide challenge, you earn coins that can be redeemed later for exciting offers on the app’s virtual market or Amazon vouchers. They’ll gauge endurance levels, calories burnt and even prompt you to find innovative ways to walk around the house to complete daily step counts. Now that’s definitely a good motivation to move those muscles to earn rewards in the form of a great body. Download the app here and get started!