The new iRobot Home App will make your robo-butler very smart

Update for the brain
25 August 2020 / 21:45IST

Powered by the iRobot Genius Home Intelligence, the new app is rolling out starting 25th August and will give you refined control over your behoved robo’s smarts. You will now initiate cleaning and mopping over smart home devices along with understanding automating the process by learning your patterns. As freaking as it may sound, you’re still in control and now you can command your robo vacc to clean dirty prone zones like the kitchen and dining table just by using your voice. There’s also recommended schedules for automating the clean up. Say you alway clean the bedroom in mornings and the dining area needs to get sparkly after dinner and before bed. The App will make such fine adjustments possible and will let you fine tune it. Event-based automation will let the little dirt eater spring to life when you’re away and go back into its charging spot when you return home. It works with your existing smart home and IFTTT Connect devices, interlinking a robo clean-up parade at your house.