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Compare prices on electronics selling across different e-commerce websites
18 July 2017 / 17:07IST

Are you a victim of e-commerce sales? Caught in a battle of sales between Flipkart and Amazon? This constant tug of war between websites to sell you the latest and greatest can be a bit overwhelming. Not to mention the devastation of buying something and noticing that the rival website is selling it for a lot cheaper. Well, say goodbye to multi-window website shopping. Ya, that’s what we call it. The BestPriceOn website aims to make your search and subsequent shopping a lot easier. It aggregates all the prices for a product across different e-commerce websites and lets you compare them for the cheapest and the best one. Don’t worry, it's made by the GrabOn website guys. The ones who give you an aggregation of discount coupons from for different shopping sites. Best price + discount coupons = ultimate happiness.