FITTR app is the encouraging voice you need to reach your fitness goals

Burn those festive calories, hit download!
23 October 2018 / 11:01IST

The season of laddoos and fried food is back again! But this time, arm yourself with a fitness app that keeps your fitness goals at par with the annual fried sojourn that is completely unavoidable at this time of the year. The FITTR app, which is an extension of the Pune-based online fitness consultation platform, SQUATS is a hassle-free experience. It comes equipped with automated diet charts, BMR analysis, quantified food details, weekly diet chart planner and healthy, yummy food recipes. There’s enough for weight watchers and fitness enthusiasts, and it’s all included in the free subscription. Even an online appointment with a SQUATS Nutrition and Fitness Consultant dietician is free of cost! The prize, undoubtedly, is a toned tummy, a healthy lifestyle and the newly-acquired willpower to refuse that second gulab jamun. FITTR is available on iOS and Android, download and beat the cheat days with ease.