Amazon finally gets Prime Music to India

Amazon Prime Music makes its debut in India after four long years of waiting
01 March 2018 / 17:14IST

After almost four years of its international debut, Amazon Prime Music is finally being made available to Prime members within their annual ₹999 subscription package. Tying up with the majority of Indian music labels has allowed Amazon to differentiate itself from the competition by offering a larger selection of curated regional music, consisting of Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali and a whole host of South Indian language content. Playlists are interestingly named using real world nomenclature such as 'Hot Right Now', 'Sandalwood Legends', 'Marathi Natya Sangeet' amongst many more. The UI is typical Amazon, with the artwork front and centre with the like/dislike button taking prominence to shape the service to your musical tastes. The biggest USP here is the Alexa voice-assistant that lets you search for music by genre, artist, playlist, mood or even an actor using just your voice! It works both through the smartphone's built-in microphone or through an Amazon Echo device, should you own one. This definitely gives Amazon an advantage over Apple's HomePod as far as the Indian market is concerned. One downside is the capping of the bitrate even at the best-quality to 256kbps and upon listening, it lacks depth and soul. But for casual listening though, the Prime Music service offers tremendous variety and the ability to use Alexa only adds to the allure. It is available on Android and iOS mobile phone apps, Desktop app and Web player, Amazon Fire TV sticks and Amazon Echo devices.