Wait a minute, you don’t mean to hand me a Hero 6 for less than half its price now, do you? What? This is not the 6? Looks exactly the same to me.

Oh, the cam calls itself ‘Hero’ but it looks exactly like the flagship Hero 6 Black, and I think I am onto something now.

Why do I need another Hero?

The ‘Hero’ is GoPro’s latest action camera aimed at budget buyers. To make the price cut possible, it lets go of 4K and super slo-mo — but these are things I can live without, at least for now. Especially when I still get a 2in touchscreen, voice control, waterproofing up to 10m, and digital stabilisation. One of the neatest bits is that since the budget-friendly Hero also shares the same form factor as its elder brothers, the Hero 5 Black and the Hero 6 Black, so you can use the same mounts and accessories with this one too.

What about image quality?

It is not packed with proprietary GP1 processing but if you thought GoPro has skimped on the performance aspect of the cam, then you are very wrong. The picture quality is rock-solid, stellar in daylight, and even as the sun dips beyond the horizon. It’s mind-boggling the way the Hero captures dynamic range. As I shot the landscape while paragliding, the Hero captured all the little lighting details. It even effortlessly recorded my voice in spite of the wind blowing in my face, the wind noise cancellation here is unreal. The El Grande extension pole helped me capture things from a wider perspective effortlessly. Both image and video quality of the Hero is commendable. It’s still waterproof up to 10 meters, which was made full use of while rafting through the rapids near Pawna dam. Voice control works superbly well as long as you get the accent right, but hopefully, GoPro will improve on this soon enough.

Be Quik about it

You can also configure things in a way that the videos you shoot get automatically downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. Then you can cut an epic short film in minutes using the Quik app on your phone. The app offers a ton of templates, filters and more, including music. I tried my hand at it and it is absolute fun to use.

Initial Verdict

The first GoPro I ever used was the Hero 2 and I continued using their newer cameras, simply because they were rugged, could be easily mounted and offered great video performance in a tiny box. The Hero 6 Black hugely improved on things and GoPro has taken the best of what it has learnt from that and plonked it into its new budget camera. This is no gimmick, I love the picture quality and the simplicity here, GoPro.