Look, we all love Spider-man OK?

Doesn’t mean we want to relive his story in explicit detail over and over again. All we really want to do sometimes is get straight to gaming! Marvel’s Spider-man grabs us by the wrist and swings us right between the buildings and into all the glorious spidey action. Prayers, they have been answered.

Leaping off a building and right into the city feels oddly natural. It could be overwhelming and confusing and consequently annoying but it simply isn’t. Thwarting thugs and swinging through space comes easy as do absolutely engaging boss battles that’ll thrust into full blown cinematic action within mere minutes.


With great power comes great power

While you do feel like a pro the moment you slip into Spideyman spandex, there’s tons of room to grow. The game’s mechanics are extremely intuitive allowing you to improve you spidey senses as you make progress. Skill trees are your saviour so when you gather enough points, you trade them in to level up.

You can choose between boosting existing powers or acquiring all new ones. You’ll eventually gain chops in both combat as well as acrobats improving your player’s overall ablities. You can even work your way up to a grand total of over two dozen suits (with accompanying powers), gadgets to acquire and upgrade and even mods than fine-tune your web slinging skills.


Fighting and flying

Feels great to start your journey on a strong foot. But that’s just the game prepping you up for better things to come. Levelling up and letting loose at your enemies is pretty much where all the meat of this gaming sandwich lies. Systems in place feel ultra polished making your progress become second nature without much effort.

The essence of being spiderman is captured immensely well through the combination of all your character’s slick moves. Be it, shooting webs, dropping punches or navigating the city, it all feels supremely responsive. Combine web swinging with combat and the overall level of immersion is quite incredible. The option to take down thugs in silence or like a savage let you apply your own style.

Old-school open-world

As open-world as it all feels, Spider-man has a serious agenda to follow as well. You could sharpen your skills through side missions but they won’t be particularly engaging after a while. The fact that they feel a bit disconnected from your character’s core mission chip away at the experience a bit.

What you do gain by veering off the main path a bit is XP and/or tokens both of which contribute to your progression system. Your time isn’t quite wasted fully this way. Considering how cool you feel pulling every move that you acquire makes it all worth your webs. And that’s really where all the appeal lies. Just about anything you do in the game makes you feel like a superhero. That’s awesome.

Marvel’s Spider-man verdict

If you can look past the game’s occasionally run-of-the-mill side missions, you’ll discover one of the best interactive adventures Spider-man has been on to date. The games addictive progression path, capturing combat and slick moves keep you coming back no matter how fun your mission may be.

The side missions may not hold much in terms of rewards, but the main story will grab your head and immerse you in one memorable gaming experience. Doesn’t matter if you’re a web-head on a pilgrimage or a first time dabbling with a spidey suit, you’re going to be swinging away to glory with absolute glee.

Stuff says... 

Marvel's Spider-Man review

You don't just control Spider-Man, you feel like one too!
Good Stuff 
Addicting progression path
Intuitive controls
Great main story
Bad Stuff 
Side missions seem run of the mill