Urbanpod opens avenues for likeminded travellers and budget-conscious businessmen

Luxury on a budget

To our pocket-conscious, GST-stricken local businessmen, survival is getting an element of cool, thanks to this urban idea of Urbanpod hotels. It’s a tad too boring to book an OYO for the young fellow who’s got his eye on expansion of his pop’s shop but too high-strung to make do with anything less than five-star, even if for an overnight business trip. Though accommodation, especially on a work trip, is defined by shelter for the night, a place to shower and grab a quick brekkie before setting the sales charts on fire, quality mustn’t be compromised. Here’s how an Indian entrepreneur brought a Singapore-based architect to our business-travellers’ rescue.

Bring me a Pod, please

When in the boondocks of Bombay, there’s a comfortable space awaiting you if you’ve booked in advance. It’s pocket friendly and value for money the way watching a Pirates of the Carribean franchise is! Of the 140 pods, there are 18 exclusive ladies-only pods (why not and because, how else), six private pods and ten suite pods for couples. There’s enough space for an overnight bag, but if you don’t believe in travelling light, the concierge will keep your luggage safe. And for your knick knacks, personal lockers are given upon arrival. But beware, shoes and food items remain out of bounds of pod space and depending on where your pod is, it’s a bit of a walk to the shared bathroom space.  

Your personal (50 sq. ft.) space

An overnight stay in a 7x4 pod costs as little as 1800, and transports you to a Millenium Falcon - like universe. Once inside your little cocoon, you’ll feel like Han Solo after years of hibernation and a set of handy tools like a set of headphones, a towel, a personal Tata Sky connection and water to keep you tucked in just for another night. Come morning and you’ll be glad to break bread again as breakfast is included.