Stuff Gadget Awards 2020 (part 2)

The second instalment of the only tech awards you should care about

In case you missed it (just know we're shaking our collective head and tutting), the end of last week saw us kick off our annual Stuff Awards rundown, where we celebrate the very best in gadgetry in 2020. 

We've already revealed our favourite headphones, speaker, EV and loads more, so jump back to part 1 to see all the winners. 

Done that? Good, because here comes part 2. Strap in. 

Indie Game of the Year: Raji: An Ancient Epic

This one's way special than any other games we've played in 2020, partly because it's based on Hindu mythology and entirely because its baked right here in our backyard. This epic action-adventure is mere 5hrs but fun.

Gadget of the year: SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH 3

We take our gadget awards seriously and if you ask us, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is deserving of the best smartwatch of the year award too but you can have only one winner per year, right? Nevertheless, you have voted for the Galaxy Watch 3 and as your gadget of the year – it’s all about fitness. It's packing tech that can rival the Apple Watch, especially the rotating bezel. It was smart and functional when it first came out and it continues to be so even with the third iteration. For Android users, it doesn't get better than this and if you fancy the round dial, the Galaxy Watch 3 will work with your iPhone too. Fitness tracking is also on par with Stuff's best smartwatch, just don't eat that cake, and make full use of its brilliant workout routines.


THIRD PLACE: Apple MacBook Air M1

Gaming Laptop of the Year: Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15

Asus never played by the rules and even when we reviewed the Zephyrus Duo 15 back in 2019, the laptop had more talking points than any other gaming laptop we've seen. So when it returned with 2020 improvements, we were more than ecstatic and the Duo 15 delivered. That second screen serves up visual delicacies with Michelin-starred levels of aplomb and garnishes everything with surprisingly good viewing angles. The dual-screen is great for content creators and video editing professionals. It's not just the laptop here, there's a bag full of gear to get you started. A much-needed wrist rest, headphones, mouse and an HD camera to kick the take-it-anywhere desktop experience into full gear. The only drawback is the ridiculous electricity bill that will show up at your doorstep!