Neuroleap takes brain tech forward by leaps and bounds…

Tune in to the right brain waves!

Ever since Sense 8, we have been pretty obsessive about the brain and its workings.

So when the chance to explore the brain’s abilities and shortcoming presented itself, we went straight to Neuroleap, immensely deprived of our morning coffee. Knowing us, that’s not a good time to be around us, however, our keenness to finally discover what’s (hopefully not) wrong with our brain, a few personality traits we’ve unsuccessfully tried to do away with, or very obvious coffee addiction, and more…


How does the brain function?

Fact - there are a 100 billion neurons in an average adult brain. The complexity kicks in in the networking of these neurons. These neurons aren’t just connected to one another in a linear fashion, but to a large number of others too. While this half-a-kg lump of flesh sits comfortably in our skulls, we don’t even consider the transmissions going on on a per-second basis, but these very transmissions are responsible for our internal data transfer - feelings, actions, emotions, motor functions, thinking functions.

Enough science, get to the point!

A lot of lifestyle-related stuff is responsible for creating an imbalance in these neurotransmitters. As a result, issues like anxiety, depression, stress, migraine, dementia, severe addiction, ADHD etc. are at an all-time high. Now even though brain science has been the slowest as far as health tech is concerned, the technology used at Neuroleap is advanced enough to read brainwaves and share neurofeedback through a master server. Using a highly advanced Brain Computer Interface, at Neuroleap, you can address these same issues without medication in a non-invasive, painless fashion. Like a simple clinical thermometer, this is a means to share ‘Biofeedback’, without which, one wouldn’t know even the basics such as body temperature or heart rate.


The tech at play here...

Enter the consulting area and you’re briefed about the brain’s vast potential, giving one hope to receive feedback to analyse one’s brain fully and scientifically, maybe even find answers to oft-ignored smaller issues as well. The ray of hope here - the ability of current technology in harnessing our own brain's ability to self-correct.

The only prerequisites on the big day are for your system to be devoid of caffeine, freshly shampooed hair and cotton garments. All this to ensure the brainwaves picked up are as accurate as possible. Once the boxes are checked, the contraption is carefully placed on various parts of the head, eyes closed and for about 30 minutes, the machine records brainwaves. It’s hard to be this comfortable in a chair on a workday and not fall asleep, but shut eye is paramount for the accuracy of the test.


The reports

A report as thick as a children’s book is handed over two days post the analysis, so you know where your brain’s capacity stands. In our case, our unexplained and endless anxiety finally found an explanation - our brain waves are tuned in a way that we react to even good news with a lot of (previously unexplained) anxiousness. Note to self - caffeine addiction must be checked effective immediately.

The detailed diagrams and graphs are hard for a layman to decipher but you do manage to decode a lot of mysteries about yourself once you hear the professionals’ version of your brain. ADHD, for example, indicates that some part of the neural networks are dis regulated and not functioning the way they should be. Just by altering the brain waves over a certain duration can help resolve a lot of issues, which otherwise would have required one to be on medication or paid the psychologist endless visits. This corrective option thankfully involves no surgical procedures, medicine or talking to a complete stranger.

The facts are stated in complex words and you’re recommended a simple, yet fairly expensive solution.



The only side effect you’re likely to feel is enhanced attention, reduced anxiety and depending on your problem, even freedom from any kind of addiction. Let us give you more hope - it is a science-based cure to a lot of our problems. Technically, it's a neuro-technical process of adorning the headset yet again so that corrective brain waves can adjust them at the right frequency to address the bigger issues. More importantly, it's a means of getting the brain to maintain a certain level of performance to live a better and more productive life.


How much will it cost me?

The first time NeuroLeap Brain Function Assessment along with the report and consultation is will set you back by a little over ₹25,000. Subsequent sessions have two to three therapies scheduled per visit (60-70 minutes each) and costs ₹10,000 per visit. Often, around 20-30 sessions are enough per person, but depending upon factors like severity of the problem, age, overall health etc., some people may require more sittings. So far, there haven’t been relapses, so it’s safe to say that this is an investment towards a one time solution.