How to please a bibliophile...

The obvious answer would be to get them more books, but we're not here to state the obvious

We're here to help you veer around the sensitive topic of Chetan Bhagat vs Neil Gaiman and go for something more non-controversial. No, none of these 10 gifting ideas is a book.

1) Hitplay Book Clock (₹2669)

If there's anything that can catch more attention on a bookshelf than a row of PG Wodehouse books, it's this - a book clock that fits right in. The only point you'll need to think over is whether to get it as a multi-coloured or an all-black option.

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2) USB Clip LED Lamp (₹599)

Isn't this smart? We'd be sold on this even if we weren't bibliophiles, really. Attach this nifty little dual-lamp to the spine of the book and let it throw light onto the pages as you read. Got a Kindle without built-in light? Get this USB clip, attach, switch on, read! It also works with 3 AAA batteries.

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3) Book Lover's Stamp (₹595)

If you love it, put a stamp on it. Especially one that bears your name, with a note in block red stating "Please return to owner if borrowed or found". It's little notes like these that give great joy, especially if you're one of the many who've lent a precious book and never seen it again.


4) Book Charm (₹1500)

It's a charming little charm, this little silver book that one can wear on a chain around the neck, hook onto a bracelet or just dangle off a phone clip. It's made of Pure Sterling 925 silver metal and can be quite a conversation starter. It makes for a great gift if the bookworm you're giving it to is indeed up for conversations.

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5) Bookshelves Mug (₹399)

If it's a story on gifting, a mug can't be far behind, can it? Took us all the resistance we could muster to not put this up at the top of this list, which is in no particular order. And by now you can clearly tell we haven't got much to say about it either. Well, here's a mug for book lovers. That's all.

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6) Lumio Book Lamp ($190)

Yes, dollar price, because you have to order it from its official site. And why not go through the trouble? Take one look at this fascinating lamp, and anyone will want it. The hardcover book emits light through its pages when opened, and can spread to a full 360-degree plumage of pages. It comes with a micro-USB charger and magnetic wooden pegs for mounting, as well as a leather strap for hanging.


7) Help Me! Bookmarks (₹500)

Do not ever, ever, ever leave dog ears on books, ever. And now that we've got that important advice dispensed, imagine these guys yelling out at the reader from within the pages of a book, pleading to be picked up and read. Aww. Handy bookmarks are handy, aren't they?

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8) Evolution Bookends (₹1099)

Thinking Fatboy Slim's Right Here Right Now? Hah, then know that we did take a short break to watch the video before getting back to the task at hand. Also know that we spent a few minutes saying the name of the website out loud - you'll know why when you say it. And if you're a good giveter, you'll already know that bookends make for great gifts for people with book shelves.

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9) Poster By Urban Chakkar (₹199)

Want to play it safe? Posters are as safe as it gets, and you can't go too wrong with an A3-sized "Keep Calm" that's printed on high-quality textured paper and inked with archival quality inks. And, erm, do throw a glance at that wonderful price it's at.


10) Vistaprint Customised Tote Bag (₹295)

Okay, this one is going to take a bit of research. First you've to dig out a quote that your giftee loves. (Do not use Whatsapp forwards, please - that's lazy and inconsiderate). Get it designed in a good font (include the name of the author - that'd be nice) and upload it onto Vistaprint's site. They'll have it printed for you on a tote bag and voila, you're good to go gifting!

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