The hottest stuff of 2015

Smartflower POP

This is the Smartflower POP, a fetching alternative to roof-bound solar panels. It claims to generate 40% more electricity per square metre than a conventional rooftop system by rotating on its two moveable axis so that it's always directly facing the sun, kind of like a flower.

Adaptive Saber Parts

This is a Kickstarter project called Adaptive Saber Parts. It seems that a Rebel Alliance affiliate known as Saber Force, which has been constructing custom blades for some years, has decided to lower the barrier of entry to saber newcomers by creating easily-assembled modular lightsabers.

B&O BeoSound Moment

This isn’t a speaker, it’s an ‘intelligent’ wireless music controller. It’ll choose music – from your network-attached storage, or your mobile device, or via Deezer’s online music service – and it’ll play it. Intelligently.

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Ford GT (2015)

The new 2015 model kicks out an eye-popping 600bhp, which should be good for some impressive sub-3.5-seconds 0-60mph acceleration figures. It goes heavy with the lightweight materials and boasts a number of aerodynamic features to ensure it's slipperier than a greased eel.

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