The hottest stuff of 2015


You're currently staring at the best-looking electric and foldable bike around. Batteries in the downtube and a hub motor on the front wheel make the JIVR good for 20 miles of 15mph, with a full charge claimed to take only a few hours. 

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Terrafugia TF-X

OK, yes, these are just renderings but they're computer renderings of the future - a future where we all drive around in cars that can take to the skies at the press of a button. Exciting eh? If you can’t wait the 8-12 years of development time, Terrafugia already have a road-legal flying car called the Transition.

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The Gest is a motion-sensing strap-on with a mission to aid humans in their desire for mastery over the third dimension. A generation of geeks for whom multitouch and VR is the norm, who aren’t satisfied with the mouse and keyboard as input devices.

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Each of these happen to harbour servo motors, sensors, microprogrammed control units and lockable connectors. Why? Because you can connect them together to go on a modular robotic rampage or, you know, make a wheelie lamp, or something. The possibilities are almost infinite.

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