Beta Yourself: Running

We chat with Milind Soman on how to always listen to your body...

Though it looks as easy as pie but push yourself too far and you’ll come crashing.

As a pro runner, Milind Soman shares one essential tip - Start, run till where you want, and then stop! For a beginner, long distance would be 5km. Understand that your body is going to adapt to this new activity very, very gradually. You have to have patience. Even if you feel you get really tired after one or two kilometers, keep running regularly and your body will adapt and enable you to run longer distances. Here we give you a lowdown of how to take baby steps towards running for fitness...

A quick guide

Never advice anyone Neither does Milind… What works for you may not work for someone else. Understand your body, understand your running capacity. Also, if running solo is too boring, run in groups and decide for yourself. 

Be mindful of your bodyMilind has never been injured. Being fully aware of his body and capacity is key. Always know how much you should  and can run, what pace to run at, when to stop, how much rest you need and you’ll avoid injuries like a teengaer avoids ‘make your bed’ calls. 

Warm up and cool downMilind never warms up or cool down and he never stretches. He just runs. He insists that the whole idea of an endurance sport is for everyone to figure out what works for them. He’s never had a trainer, he’s ran from Delhi to Mumbai in 2012 without a coach, he’s won Ironman without a coach, he’s won UltraMan without a coach. If he could do it on his own, so can we all. In fact, everytime he was adviced, it was rubbish. We suggest let your own experience be your teacher. Be patient with yourself, respect your body and listen to your mind. 

Tech support

Gadgets galoreAs far as gadgets go, Milind prides himself on not owning too many of them. Speed, according to him is overrated. Run for health, run for fun.  He runs to feel great and all of that has nothing to do with keeping time. It’s not about how fast or how far. It’s just about running itself. 

Running gearIt’s a known fact that Milind doesn’t wear shoes. A pair of shorts and sunglasses are all he needs. Since he runs barefoot, his Oakley prescription lenses shield his eyes from the harsh sun. 

Treadmill vs outdoorAs per Soman, treadmill is not good simulation because the surface is unstable. You need a stable surface, which a road is. You’re going to be running on a road so you have to train on a road. If you’re a very good runner then a treadmill is good because already you can run well on any surface.

Active recoveryStretching, massages, walking, yoga, swimming - are all forms of active recovery. Anything of moderate intensity that doesn’t involve you being stationary is considered active recovery.

Running essentials

Oakley sunglassesOakley Prizm lenses enhance vision and fine tune  individual colors, making everything vibrant. They’re ideal  for all kinds of sport, environments and everyday wear. 

Tego sweat-charged t-shirtThese tees have a built-in antimicrobial finish to effectively control body odor and are the ideal gear for long runs. It looks like a regular tee until you pump up that heart rate. The hidden messages are revealed once you sweat till its drenched in your body fluids.

Adidas PureBOOST GOEvery runner doesn’t belong on the tracks. Some daring ones carve their own paths and own the streets. These latest running shoes are a promising addition to the family of three stripes and gives one the freedom to run wild and free. Designed for urban running, the silhouette is ideal for the runner whose front foot needs extra room and stability at the same time.

Join these running clubs

1. Adidas RunnersLike-minded runners around the world participate in this running movement led by community coaches. The aim is to help you improve as an athlete: in movement, nutrition, mindset, gear and recovery. Progress through and get rewards. 

2. NIKE+ Run Club Running enthusiasts who don’t have much time in hand, download the Nike+ Run Club app. Audio guided runs, weekly and monthly challenges, training programmes, even a personalised coach as an in-app purchase to keep you on track.

3. Skechers Run Club“It’s not about how fast you run, it’s about how far you go” - and that’s what Skechers Run Club is all about. Regular runs across Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, Chandigarh, Lucknow and Kolkata are routine.