And the best reviewed smartphone of 2016 is...

We've totted up the review scores given by the big tech sites to the top smartphones to find out which one wins

We know what our favourite phone of 2016 is - the OnePlus 3T. But what does everyone else think?

We thought it'd be fun to see how our scores differ from the other reviews out there, so we've done what Metacritic does for games and films and tallied up all the scores for every major smartphone released in 2016: 19 handsets, across 10 tech sites. Does the tech world agree with our verdict? Here's what we found...

The scores

The chart below shows the scores given by each site for each phone; press play to see how the differ from site to site.

The results

1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - 4.805 average score

A worthy winner? Absolutely. We gave the S7 Edge the full 5 stars in our review and it would seem everyone else agreed. The S7 Edge looks fantastic and works superbly. And unlike the Note 7 - which we didn't include here - it doesn't explode when charged. It's not Stuff's phone of the year on account of its high price, but judged purely on quality it's the best there is.

They say: "The Galaxy S7 Edge manages to delight, and stand out in a world where new smartphones are increasingly being offered with razor-thin differences between them." (TechRadar)

We say: "Don't let the price put you off: the S7 Edge is truly a smartphone to lust after."


2. Samsung Galaxy S7 - 4.74

There's not much in it between the S7 and its Edge sibling, but a couple of 9/10 scores was enough to keep it just behind. TrustedReviews was the only site to score it higher than the Edge, but every site loved it.

They say: "The Galaxy S7 is yet another outstanding effort from Samsung, and a more than worthy successor to the Galaxy S6." (Expert Reviews)

We say: "It’s very hard to find fault with the Galaxy S7. If this is a phone that sees Samsung resting on its laurels, then they must feel pretty comfortable right now." 


3. OnePlus 3T - 4.685

If the OnePlus 3T had come out earlier in the year it would definitely have taken our Phone of the Year accolade: it's better than the OnePlus 3 in a few key areas and only a little more expensive - hence why it sits atop our Top 10 Smartphones list. No site scored it lower than 4.4/5.

They say: "This is our new favorite budget Android, but if you have the OnePlus 3, you don't need to upgrade." (c/net)

We say: "It’s the number one choice if you want a top-end phone at a sensible price."


4. OnePlus 3 - 4.65

Stuff's 2016 Smartphone of the Year is an object lesson in how to beat the big boys: top specs, great performance and bargain price. It loses out here to the S7 and S7 Edge but it's a close-run thing, with just 0.155 difference between it and the S7 Edge, and it's possible that some sites don't consider the price to be as big of a deal as we do.

They say: "The OnePlus 3 represents a killer combination of price, performance and design, and there’s no other phone that gets close." (Alphr)

We say: "A big, brilliant bargain of a phone that looks and feels as good as a £600 mobile, but costs half the price."


5. Apple iPhone 7 Plus - 4.475

Almost every site scored the 7 Plus higher than the standard iPhone 7 (only Pocket-Lint went the other way) and none scored it lower than 4, reflecting a consensus that this is the best iPhone right now. However, the average scores indicate that there's a bit of a gap right now between the top Androids handsets and Apple's best phones - a gap that is also reflected in Stuff's Top 10. Maybe the iPhone 8 will reverse the trend...

They say: "The iPhone 7 Plus dares to take Apple's smartphones to a fascinating new place – and we can't wait to see where this drive to innovate brings the company next." (PhoneArena)

We say: "If you’re firmly entrenched in camp iOS, it’s time to go big or go home."

6. Apple iPhone SE - 4.47

Apple's cheapest phone out-performed the standard iPhone 7 in many sites' review scores: of the 10 publications we looked at, four prefered it to the iPhone 7 and a further two rated them equally. Obviously price is a big factor - compared like-for-like the 7 is clearly a better phone - but there was a near-unanimous feeling that anyone looking for a small-screened device should start here. 

They say: "If you're looking for a first-rate smartphone that won't break the bank - or your hand - the iPhone SE deserves a spot on your shortlist." (Engadget)

We say: "Given that most phone makers are saving their best specs for their biggest phones, the fact that Apple has crammed all that tech into such a small package is a feat in itself."


7. HTC 10 - 4.44

A proper return to form for HTC after a slight misstep with the M9. Plenty of 5/5 and 10/10 scores ensured it sits highly in the overall ranking and no site here rated it lower than 4/5. Just call it Mr Consistency. 


 They say: "It might not be the best in every area, but it’s strong in pretty much all of them." (TrustedReviews)

We say: "If you want a smartphone for the future, then don’t get the HTC 10. If you want a smartphone for right now, there are few better alternatives."


8. Google Pixel - 4.38

The first 'Built by Google' phone narrowly pips its bigger sibling here, but there's really not much in it. Few sites really loved it - only one of the 10 (Pocket-Lint) gave it top marks - but nobody hated it either, which pretty much sums up our attitude to it too.

They say: "Unlike the Nexus models of years past, you don't have to be an Android enthusiast to appreciate it." (c/net)

We say: "Not the slam dunk we'd hoped for, but Google's Pixel still delivers some standout features."


9. Apple iPhone 7 - 4.37

One 3.5/5 score (from TrustedReviews) was enough to knock the iPhone 7 down a place or two, but overall most sites agreed with us that it's an excellent choice for anyone who finds the 7 Plus' extra girth too much to handle. 

They say: "So Tim Cook is right: the iPhone 7 is the company's best iPhone yet. It's just that the best is only slighter better than what we've already had for the past year." (Pocket-Lint)

We say: "The iPhone 7’s modest upgrades all come together to make a much more significant whole than you’d expect."


10. Lenovo Moto G4 - 4.36

The 2016 G4 generally scored highly but its overall mark was brought down by The Verge, which considered it "bloated" and "sluggish", and PhoneArena, which felt it was a little too expensive for its performance. 

They say: "But with so many options out there, it's worth your while to consider all the alternatives before sinking the cash on this year's Moto G." (PhoneArena)

We say: "The Moto G4 is a huge redesign for the series that anyone with a tight phone budget should love."

And the rest...


11. LG G5 - 4.355

12. Google Pixel XL - 4.335

13. Oppo F1 - 4

14. Huawei P9 - 3.915

15. Lenovo Moto Z - 3.915

16. Huawei P9 Plus - 3.83

17. Sony Xperia XZ - 3.75