The 7 best Game of Thrones collectibles

From DVDs to pre-order gaming sets, these are the paraphernalia every GOT fan needs

Stuff’s watch has ended as the new GOT season hit our 4K screens.

We still gotta wait every week to watch the latest episodes on Hotstar Premium but that’s a price you gotta pay.

You can counter this weekly wait for latest episodes by binge-watching the previous seasons. All you need is a well stocked bucket of beer within arm’s reach, chicken wings and you’re sorted to watch this epic saga. Prepare your couches for the worst.

House Stark Badge (₹99)

The North remembers and so should you - when the snows fall and the winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. House Stark supporters must sport their huskies. Winter will come, whether we like it or not, and the rate at which the series is going, we’re waiting with bated breaths to see the last man (or woman) standing.

A song of Ice and Fire - The complete boxset (₹3799)

Amazon is running a discount on this fantasy epic book set. Lord Tyrion’s wit on your bookshelf makes for an enviable collection. And as is rightly said, a mind needs books to keep its edge. Get your hands on this international bestseller at the offer price of ₹2399.

Cersi PVC statue (₹2500)

Don’t worry, she won’t issue a death warrant against you while you’re sleeping, or worse, kill you herself. That would be a script for a horror film, for sure. This Cersei Baratheon isn’t as treacherous as her on-screen counterpart. Whether she accepts her flaws or not, they’re for everyone to see and know. What’s better is that she neither cares, nor is scared of anyone using her flaws against her. But fearless is how one should live, right. We don’t quite agree with the evil in her, if you know what we mean!

The Sigil Pattern Phone cover (₹599)

You’re emotionally attached to a fictional character whose life lies in the hands of Mr. Martin, we get it. Keep this phone cover until there’s another one to swap with. Well, what can we say, just one of those things you do for the love of the show!

GOT Blu-ray set (₹9999)

How can you not have this? A true GOT lover would want to revisit it for Lord Tyrion’s wit, if not the grandeur of production. Seasons 5 and 6 provide audio pleasure in Dolby Atmos. Besides, the bonus features are a couple of hours of entertainment in itself. You’d be lucky to get an offer price on this too!

Kook n Keech T-shirt (₹799)

Move over Marvel superheroes, Game of Thrones is replacing superheros with wolves and midgets that fans adore. Myntra’s in-house brand has a range of tees to show your support to the cause of the mighty Iron Throne. Wear it like you own it. Oh well…

Risk : Game of Thrones (₹6259)

“When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die.” Truer words were never spoken before. We swear by the old gods and new to play the game by Cercei’s rules. Order one of these board games and call your friends over for a night of pure debauchery.