5 ways to get better at Tinder

Boost your dating game up a level

Back by popular demand, we’re going to teach you how not to drown in a lifetime of singleness or something like that.

There’s a certain level of simplicity to maintain in online dating. Jumping straight into the app in times of desperation and hoping for a match to magically appear isn’t the way. Trust us, the fellow writing this feature has been single for far too long. Some at Stuff HQ believe he’s practically sitting in the mountains refraining from interacting with the opposite sex.

That’s not the case and shouldn’t be with you too. Here are five simple ways to fly your Tinder profile into a match made in heaven.


1) Have a good shot of your mug

It’s absolutely NOT necessary to put a picture of your abs. The amount of men without a T-shirt on Tinder is scary. We recommend uploading photos of you doing something interesting. Tinder lets you add up to six pictures of yourself and that is enough to mix and match a good collection of your photos.

Keeping at least one good shot of your face is a clear indication of how you look and therefore makes it easier to get an interesting match. In all likelihood, you should also keep a nice assortment of pictures that you think are aligning with your interests. Say, a picture of you hiking, travelling, swimming (that way you can flaunt your abs without looking like a creep) or even reading.

2) Write a good bio

If you’re putting yourself out there, might as well make it easy for the opposite person to know a little more about you than your undivided love for protein shakes. Writing a bio is important, you may paste a quirky line after scouring through Quora but that alone won’t cut it. Not if you want to start an interesting enough conversation and bog past the tedious round of whats and hows?

Keep it lively though. You don’t want her to start yawning and grade your bio like a class teacher.

3) Be Selective

Don’t swipe monstrously towards the right, Tinder will bin your profile down the food chain and into the abyss. Take some time and swipe accordingly. According to the internet, if you furiously swipe right to everyone expecting to at least land one match, Tinder will push your profile down the list and it’ll be less likely for your profile to show up to potential people. True story.

Keep it selective and play your Tinder game right. Don’t be shy of those blue stars, use them wisely to cut through the clutter.

4) Be aware of Instagram hunters

You can link your Instagram ID for people to hop over and check out the REAL you but that also means unnecessary creepy texts. Anyhow, I’ve confidently separated the genuine Tinder users from Instagram hunters.

What are they? Well, you’re better off swiping left to people who link their Instagram along with a bio saying - Not available here, DM on Insta. Those are the ones that just want your follow and will most likely never reply on Insta too, ever! That said, linking your Instagram isn’t a bad option. Just don’t be an Instagram hunter and genuine people will most likely speak to you on Tinder before hopping on to other mediums of communication.

5) Get Tinder Gold

Finally, if you’re absolutely going to bring your A game to Tinder, you might want to pick up the Gold version to get the most out of your Tinder app. Even though the steep price might scare a few, the committed ones wouldn’t mind shelling out ₹467 per month.

Aside from getting unlimited likes, you also get one Tinder Boost every month that will put your profile on the top for 30 minutes in the area you’re in. It really does work well and I managed to get a few matches from it too. The Gold membership even shows you who swiped right on you and then you can decide whether to match with them or not instantly.

Emptied your lunch money on Tinder? Here’s some extra pudding that gives you more oomph on Tinder Gold. You get extra Super Likes every day, a chance to Rewind your last swipe, hide annoying ads that interrupt your love thoughts and best of all - Passport to any location. You can jump around anywhere in the world and connect with people. Handy if you’re an avid traveller. You can choose to hide your age and distance as well if you feel like perching on the age bracket. *wink*

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