20 Apple Watch apps we want to see

We cross our fingers really really hard, in an attempt to magic these amazing apps into being by the time Apple’s wearable appears

Unless a shiny gadget is only supposed to sit quietly, looking gorgeous, it’s what you can do with it that counts.

Quite a few people prefer the iPad over Android tablets not because Apple technology is any better, but because you get amazing apps for iOS that just don’t exist elsewhere.

The Apple Watch will be the same - a device that succeeds or fails not so much due to fashion or bling, but down to the apps available for the platform. (And, yes, Apple’s decision to create the Edition line, starting at something like eleven billion dollars, erodes that sentiment a bit, but the fact remains apps will differentiate Apple Watch from the competition.)

Here, then, is our Apple Watch apps wish-list; it’s a mix of existing iOS apps we reckon would work well on Apple Watch, pie-in-the-sky dreams that the technology’s almost certainly not yet ready for, and entirely practical suggestions that are probably in the works anyway.

*Note: all images in this feature are mock-ups created by Stuff.tv’s tame Photoshop wizard, not official app grabs.*

1. Motion Sports

There’s actually already a small selection of Wii-style sports games for iPhone, which beam footage to an Apple TV, but using Apple Watch’s built-in motion gubbins seems safer than waving an expensive iPhone about like a lunatic. For added realism, you could also hold a real tennis racket or bowling ball while playing! OK, maybe not the latter of those.

2. RealBeat

You’re not going to be composing anything complex when music apps make their way to Apple Watch, but a stripped-back RealBeat could be fantastic. Use the device’s microphone to record tiny samples of whatever’s nearby and handy (tables; glasses; pots and pans; small animals), and then overlay the snippets to create a loop. Export to a ringtone or oddball megahit.

3. Remote control

Controlling your telly has evolved. Once, you actually had to get off your backside, walk to the TV and press buttons (the horror!), and then remotes appeared, attached to suspiciously short wires. But then wireless remotes arrived, followed by controlling a TV via a phone! Using an Apple Watch on your wrist is surely only one step away from the ultimate prize: thought-beaming channel changes to a set. (Apple’s of course releasing the Remote app, but that’ll only control your Apple TV, alas.)

4. Find My Friends

Also known as Stalk Agreeable Friends And Family Members, this app has to be a dead cert for Apple Watch, enabling you to see where your favourite people are at any given moment. It’d be great for geo-based notifications too — a nudge to your wrist when your kids are safely at school, for example. (Assuming they’re armed with expensive Apple kit, obviously).

5. 30/30

The 30/30 app is a clever time-tracker that enables you to manage your day, including looping work/break sessions, like a pared-down Pomodoro Technique. This kind of app would be well-suited to Apple Watch, politely nudging you when it’s time to stop gawking at LOLcats and return to doing something slightly more productive.