There's no rumour mill in tech quite like the Apple rumour mill, and every week – if not nearly every day – there's something new that Apple is totally making.

We've heard a lot of absurd speculation over the years, but the moles have gotten chattier over time, and a rumour will often build and build until Apple finally makes something official. It happened with the iPhone XHomePod, and Touch Bar-equipped MacBooks, and so many other recent devices before those. In many cases, we know nearly every key detail before something is properly announced.

So what is Apple possibly working on right now? We've compiled 15 recent and not-yet-ruled-out rumours about Apple products and features, uncovered via reports or patent applications, which range from an electric car to an AR headset, multiple new iPhones, and even an Apple Ring.

Apple is definitely going to make all of these things, right? Well, hopefully not the iRing.


We expect to see a flood of 5G-compatible phones in 2019, including handsets from OnePlus, Samsung, and Huawei – but Apple might wait another year to make its own 5G move.

Fast Company reports that Apple plans to use Intel modems in its 2020 iPhones to add support for the next-generation cellular networks, which aim to deliver dramatically faster speeds. Maybe it's a cost issue or perhaps Apple is just taking its time, but if true, that could be disappointing for anyone planning to make the 2019 upgrade.

Likelihood: 6/10


This autumn's iOS 11 update makes a big push into augmented reality with Apple's ARKit software, but analysts believe the company is just dipping its toe into the market before truly diving in with dedicated hardware.

The Nikkei Asian Review reports that Apple supplier Quanta is working on an augmented reality headset for a client that they expect to be out by 2019, and analysts the outlet spoke to believe that the project really is for Apple. It sounds similar to Microsoft's HoloLens, with a transparent lens that you can look through to see digital items projected on to your view of the real world.

It sounds like a big leap for Apple, but if the company thinks the world is ready for it – and willing to pay a heap of cash for another device – then maybe they'll help usher wearable AR into the mainstream.

Likelihood: 4/10


Apple owns Beats these days, of course, but it sounds like Apple plans to make its own over-ear headphones as well.

Bloomberg's report about the higher-end AirPods also mentions that Apple has been hard at work on over-ear headphones for some time. They'll reportedly contend with offerings from Bose and Sennheiser, which means they won't be cheap – and they're slated to hit the market as a premium alternative to Beats.

According to the report, we should also see these headphones in 2019. They were planned to release earlier, but Apple hit "development challenges" along the way, Bloomberg suggests.

Likelihood: 8/10


An Apple car is probably the most audacious and unexpected thing on this list, and yet surprisingly, it's been widely reported on. What's more, CEO Tim Cook isn't even denying it. Rumours caught fire in early 2015, claiming that Apple had hundreds of people working on an electric car known as Project Titan, and the hits kept coming.

Uncovered emails suggested that Apple was looking for a facility to test self-driving cars – potentially a later goal after launching an initial electric car – and a report said that Apple had "committed" to the project and aimed to finalise it by 2019. Last year, the project lead reportedly left, but Apple supposedly has more and more people working on Titan, and potentially loads of cash invested.

Will we be driving Apple cars in a few years? Quite possibly. Well, at least those of us who can afford it. Be sure to read our Apple Car preview for the latest rumours and reports on the subject.

Likelihood: 9/10