15 of the best comedy shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video


Hank Moody is a writer, but he behaves – and is treated – like a rock star. It’s all Hollywood parties and excess in all its most debauched forms. It’s glorious to watch in the same way Entourage was when its characters were at the peak of their success. What’s more fun than watching someone living the dream?

The show’s guilty of getting a little too bogged down in the relationship between Hank and his paramour and “baby momma” Karen, but Duchovny plays the roguish charm so well that it’s always pretty irresistible. And an outrageous sexual encounter or improbable cameo is never far away. Marilyn Manson and Tim Minchin pop up in the final series, for heaven’s sake.

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The concept of community college is a bit weird for us Indians, but within the first five minutes of the first episode of Community that ceases to matter. What matters is that a group of very different weird and wonderful dropouts are thrown together in an educational institution run by a dean with a fetish for men dressed as dalmations.

There are highs and lows in the six (so far) series, but even the weaker episodes are rescued by a single scene featuring Troy and Abed – perhaps the most adorable bromance ever seen on screen. And then there are the epic paintball episodes. And Chevy Chase is in it. Honestly, just watch it!

Nathan Barley

Charlie Brooker’s worryingly prescient 2004 sitcom told the story of Nathan Barley, an East London dwelling ‘self­facilitating media node’, which is a much nicer description than the four­letter title he was given in the spoof TV listing that spawned him.

With bizarre slang ("well Jackson"), even stranger fashion (his Geek Pie hairdon't was inspired by an accident with some paint) and a complete lack of self­awareness, there's nothing Nathan won't do to be respected by his equally narcissistic contemporaries. With career­launching performances from Richard Ayoade and Bond's latest Q, Ben Whishaw, it's only now that most people have begun to appreciate just how brilliant Nathan Barley is. Keep it chopped out, yeah?

The Alternative Comedy Experience

To many people stand­up comedy on TV means endless repeats of Live at the Apollo on Dave – and that’s exactly why The Alternative Comedy Experience is so important.

Filmed in a genuine, pokey comedy club in front of a regular audience – not whichever soap star was up for elimination on Strictly that week – The Alternative Comedy Experience is curated by Captain Grumbles himself, Stewart Lee. That means you get the kind of acts that won’t please everyone, sing songs or deliberately attempt to antagonise an audience. Some of them are even women. Radical, huh?