11 of the biggest data-wasting mistakes you’re making on your iPhone

All the reasons you're maxing out your data usage every month - and how to fix them

You know that sinking feeling when you get a message from your network provider two weeks into your billing cycle helpfully informing you that you’ve busted your data cap for the month? Yeah, not fun.

Data comes at a premium these days, and when you only have 2GB to work with, there’s no room for data consumption errors. Read on to see how you can prevent yourself from paying excess data charges. 

P.S: You should also probably read this when you have Wi-Fi. Every megabyte counts.

Streaming YouTube on high

We know how difficult it is to resist tapping on a YouTube link, but video streaming is probably the number one drainer of your data. If you know what’s good for your wallet, you will steer completely clear of watching videos when you don’t have Wi-Fi.

But if you must watch that cat video now (and let's be honest, you must), there’s something you should know.

Do this instead: Make sure the video you’re checking out is streaming at a lower quality so that less data is used. Save the HD quality for when you have Wi-Fi, which you can enable by going directly into YouTube’s settings and enabling Play HD on Wi-Fi only.

Also, on whatever video you're watching via YouTube, hit the (...) icon to bring up quality and choose the lowest possible to help you scrimp on data.

Not using Safari smarter

It’s always advisable to use the mobile version of sites as these have been optimised for the phone. If you’re on Safari specifically to read, the Reader view is a good way of getting rid of the distracting clutter.

Do this instead: Use Reader view. When you see that it’s available, (it'll flash up in the address bar), tap on the icon next to it to render only the most important words and images without the distracting, data-wasting fluff that usually comes with it.