10 and a half things you won’t believe Apple made

5. This boom box

With iPod sales soaring, Apple had a bright idea: why not make a speaker too?

The 2006 iPod Hi-Fi was the result, but it wasn’t a soaraway success. It was pricey, of course, but that wasn’t all: it didn’t connect to all iPods, the iPod connector was easily broken, it only charged Firewire iPods and you could sum up the reviews in one word: meh.

The iPod Hi-Fi was discontinued in 2007. Here's hoping the HomePod fares a little better. 

6. This beige box

You know how Apple doesn’t make dull beige boxes? Look at this dull beige box. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a Macintosh Quadra, and while its innards were pretty good we need to call on pop duo Daphne and Celeste to describe its appearance. Ready? “You’re U-G-L-Y! You don’t have an alibi! You’re ugly! You’re ugly!” 

Image: macquadra.jpg Flickr/Carl Berkeley 

7. This 6 lac Mac

The limited-edition Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh wasn’t the most expensive Mac ever made - that was the US$9,995 (over ₹6.6 lacs) Lisa, a truly revolutionary computer with an unfortunately and accidentally high price tag - but the 1997, US$9,000 (₹6 lacs) TAM was meant to be expensive.

It was one of the first projects Apple’s now-legendary Jonathan Ive was involved in, it cost three times the price of a similarly specified Power Macintosh, and Apple was forced to cut the price three times during its two-year lifespan: first to US$7,499 (5 lacs), then to US$3,500 (₹2.3 lacs) and finally to US$1,995 (₹1.3 lacs)

Image: Morn/Wikipedia CC BY-SA 3.0 


8. This TV

The Apple TV is hardly a new idea. Apple launched the none-more-black Macintosh TV, a Macintosh that was also a cable-ready TV set, back in 1993. It wasn’t a huge success, but its TV tuner card would go on to become a popular accessory for many Mac owners. 

9. This headset

The Apple Bluetooth Headset was a great illustration of Apple at its best and worst: it was beautifully designed, made and packaged, easy to use, stupidly expensive and lacked key features such as mute, redial and volume controls. It was launched with the original iPhone in 2007 and quietly dumped two years later. 


10. This games console

If the rumours are right the 2015 Apple TV is going to be a games console - and that means history is repeating, because 20 years ago Apple tried and failed to make a games console in the form of the Pippin.

It was essentially a Mac repackaged as “an integral part of the consumer audiovisual, stereo and television environment” and made by third-party manufacturers. It bombed. 

Oh, and there’s one more thing… 

Image: Evan-Atmos/Wikipedia CC BY-SA 3.0

10.5. This iTunes phone

This is only half a thing because Apple didn’t actually design or make it, but it did endorse it: the look on Steve Jobs’ face when he showed off the clearly rubbish Motorola ROKR E1 iTunes phone was a picture.

The days before iPhones were dark days indeed.