Part of the triumvirate that forms the basis of Dyson, the Pure+Cool Link is more of an air purifier than a fan, but don’t be afraid to use it either way, at least, this is what Dyson would have you believe.

Like their vacuum cleaners and Supersonic hair dryer, there is a sense of cool (no pun intended), even before you switch it on. It’s not hard to believe how easily this could become a conversation starter in an otherwise conservatively designed home. Its futuristic looks, curious functionality and a stealthy operation set this Dyson apart from any other conventional fan or air purifier you may have seen.

Actually, you might have seen something like it if you happen to stroll into your neighbourhood gadget shop but none of the Chinese rip-offs have the patent that unlock the tech that Dyson has pioneered. Little magical touches like the magnetic remote that always sits on the top of the loop, minimising the risk of losing it in a crevice, are a reminder of how detail-oriented Dyson engineers are.


Arithmetic for air

Smartly dubbed as the Air Multiplier Technology, the impeller draws in the air from all sides through the bottom of the unit and pushes it up through the HEPA filter and out through the narrow, bevelled channels of the annular loop. It’s here that the secret to the bladeless technology lies and it has been perfected over years using inspiration from jet engines and turbochargers, mixed with a healthy dose of fluid dynamics.

Besides being the coolest looking fan, this is also the safest fan for any household that has children roaming freely. Installation is a two-step process where the loop just locks on to the base and you configure it to your Wi-Fi network, download the app, and you’re good to go.


A clean and crisp app

Not all air purifiers give you analytics as crisply designed as Dyson’s supporting app does. It’s also good at scaring you witless with the data it shows on external air quality through its global network of monitoring stations. During my use, the outside air quality in Mumbai never improved beyond the moderate level and that puts the AQI (Air Quality Index) between 200-400 most of the time. What you do see is ‘Very Poor’ and even ‘Severe’ on the app scale and it does raise an alarm.

The Pure Cool Link claims to remove 99.95% of particles from the air, even less than one micron, and that means whether your room is polluted by pet dander, fumes or even smells, the Pure Cool Link will get the job done. Keep the unit on for long enough and the app will show you a graph of the air quality through different times of the day and also display the current air quality which will eventually get better than the outside.


In it to win it

The bulk of the work is handled by the filter section at the bottom of the unit. Almost 6mts of pleated HEPA microfibres behind the protective aluminium mesh ensure that your environment is free from allergens and pollutants. The second filter is a layer of active graphite that is treated with materials that wouldn’t be out of place on planet Krypton. This is also the only part that will require to be replaced in due course of time, depending on a variety of factors like hours or usage, pollutants in your area etc. Still, on an average Dyson claims that 3000 hours should be the lifespan of a filter, which is a significantly weighty number.

The fan itself is the least effective part of the package and while the Air Multiplier technology is great for safety (since, no blades) and keeping the noise down, the airflow itself is very directive and doesn’t offer the spread of a regular fan. To counter that, a handy oscillating mode allows it to move the loop around to address a larger portion of the room but the moment you sit too far from it and increase speed to more than 7, you’re in for a noisy soundtrack. Tracking it through the app is a breeze and it provides the best data of any air purifier I have used till date. Options also include a full virtual remote control that mimics the controls on the physical remote control to setting a schedule when you want to switch it on remotely, to daily and weekly reports of air quality, temperature and humidity levels, it makes for a great visual aid to the air you’re breathing via the Pure Cool Link.

The word Cool in its moniker comes from the cooling effect of the draft of air from the air multiplier. While it’s no replacement for an AC, it does feel pleasant and I personally prefer the gentle diffused feel of the airflow as opposed to the unruly blast from a floor-standing fan, but its effectiveness when you have a large crowd is debatable. The purifier itself seemed to be doing much better and I regularly managed to improve the air quality in my room.


While certainly revolutionary in its aesthetic, engineering and intent, the Dyson Pure Cool Link isn’t the wondrous piece of home tech in the same way their V8 vacuum cleaner is. Its high price tag brings with it inbuilt sophistication, ease of use and almost maintenance-free operation for years, but, as a fan, it struggles to be the primary air provider to a family of four.

While it’s much better performing as an air purifier, there are lots of options in the market that may not look like art pieces but could get the job done with almost as much efficiency. In the end, you may have to take a call on how expensive is expensive for you. For us, the hesitation is enough to take a star away.

Stuff says... 

Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier (Tower) review

There’s no denying the sex appeal of this home appliance. It will take the place of pride in your room, and especially get tongues wagging if you get the electric blue shade. But for a ₹40,000 purchase, you don’t get a whole lot of fan. If the intent is to only get a purifier, this is probably the most silent, advanced and well-apped purifier there is!
Good Stuff 
Design is great, especially the bladeless fan and magnetic remote
Silent operation under level 6
Long-lasting filter
Monitor AQI at home from anywhere in the world
Bad Stuff 
Fan air throw isn’t the most powerful