According to some estimates, budget gaming laptops have reached a god-like status in India among the many buyers. And not just budget buyers, even the ones starting off with development and design usually seek the bountiful givings of budget gaming laptops. 

So when we get a budget gaming laptop for review, it needs to checklist plenty of speedy specifications and be able to satiate the hobbyist gamer. Many of which the Dell G3 could deliver, except for one!


Soon as you open the G3 15, the display staring back at you is not the most pleasing. In fact, it’s quite dull and lacklustre. It’s easy to forgive budget gaming laptop display for not being the most colour accurate or eye-pleasing. You trade that for a high refresh rate, right? That is sadly not the case with the G3 15. It’s neither eye-pleasing nor does it come with a high refresh rate. The cheaper Asus TUF A15 has a better quality display and a 144Hz refresh rate.

So it’s not winning the budget gamer heart, eh? Does that mean the G3 15 is a sad mess that we should all avoid? Not really. Refresh rate aside, the other internals are quite the party rockers. Our review unit came with an Intel i7 10750H and 16GB of RAM which is plenty for creators. Compared to the AMD processor on the recently reviewed Asus TUF, the Intel has a wee-bit advantage in speed. Boot ups and load times are rapid.


The build quality too is fairly better than the rest of the laptops in this category. Yes, it’s a plastic body but a fine one. It’s not going to woo you with its body though. Compared to the TUF, the G3 does look better and even feels nicer on the skin around the palm rest area.

It’s loaded with plenty of port options. Ethernet, USB ports, memory card reader, MiniDP and HDMI all complete a proper set of port selection and you won’t be needing a dongle ever on this laptop. The addition of memory card reader is quite interesting and something the TUF lacks. It really shows that the G3 is made for the creators by day and gamers by night folks.

Where the trackpad and palm rest area feel superior to the rest in this category, the G3 could use a bit of key travel. It’s a bit mushy and only ever lights up blue. You might be fooled by its wedge-shaped design but it’s far from thin. Albeit, that is to be expected but the Dell G3 15 is dense and heavy. It’s quite a workout at 2.34kgs.


The performance on the G3 is better than the rest too that offer the same specs. You’ll get a wee bit more frames thanks to Intel optimisations. Almost all games perform over 60+ FPS on high settings except for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Doom Eternal and Resident Evil 3 run smooth and fast but only limited to 60Hz of the display.

Photoshop and InDesign work for our magazine is fast and smooth. There’s barely a squeal from this thing under the workload but don’t expect a quiet performance when gaming. The G3 ramps up the fan curve under gaming load and when charging. You can visit the Alienware software that’s baked in to monitor the performance but that’s about it.


Sleep time and on-battery performance are rather same-same across all the budget gaming laptops, that is to say, nothing impressive.

The Dell G3 15 does feel like a boring laptop now. Its performance is marginally better than the AMD counter-parts but that doesn’t make it exciting enough. The display is neither colour accurate nor has a high refresh rate.

The fingerprint sensor to get in the laptop is fast and rapid, and here for people who want it. All of its features and performance are hinting at designers more than gamers.


So if you’re looking for a laptop with powerful innards and interesting features like fingerprint sensor and memory card reader, the G3 15 makes itself more useful to the creator community than the gaming. If those to collide in your world, the Asus TUF is a better choice.

One thing to note is that while we do like Asus for its robust feature set, Dell’s after-sales service is frankly better than the rest. We have received complaints about Asus’ after-sales on our Twitter and from friends and family, so keep that in mind if future upgrades and device maintenance are a priority.

Stuff says... 

Dell G3 15 (2020) review

G3 15 is for the creator in you and not the gamer, choose wisely 
Good Stuff 
Port selection is great
Memory card reader? Nice
Great performance
The fingerprint sensor is a nice addition
Bad Stuff 
The display could’ve been better
Only 60Hz refresh rate
Mushy keyboard