What’s the story?

The Canton DM55 is a bit like dark chocolate. It may look plain and unassuming, but it’s packed with a rich and full-bodied character. Unlike dark chocolate, there’s no bitter aftertaste.

This soundbase is as practical as they come, with the compact size working best for those with modest-sized living rooms and modest-sized TVs. That sleek glass top – new to the DM55 – adds a hint of style to the black box, and it’s tough enough to withstand TVs weighing up to 40kg.

Just make sure your TV’s stand fits on top.

Any good? 

Whether you’re watching a movie or listening to music, the DM55 easily fills up a room with its meaty sound. Punches and explosions have that satisfying thwack and rumble to them, while the top end has just enough bite to keep you on edge without making you wince. It’s not all brawn, either. Soundtracks swoop and swell and soar with a nimble touch. There’s plenty of detail here to keep you hooked to the action on screen.

If you want that extra oomph to your TV-watching without breaking the bank or sacrificing too much space, the DM55 is worth a look.


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