If there’s an app that’s benefitted from the underlying changes to and relative openness of iOS 8, it’s 1Password. The password manager has long been popular on the desktop, providing a simple, convenient way to create insanely complicated passwords and ‘inject’ them into browser forms.

The net result is greatly enhanced security, and the app adds further useful features, such as storing multiple identities (for instance a simplified set of details for forums), secure notes, wallet entries, and software licenses. 

Security silo

On iOS, however, the app’s inability to worm its way deep into the system always left it as an awkward security silo. There was no integration with Safari for iOS, meaning you either had to use 1Password’s basic built-in browser to shop online or visit forums, or laboriously copy and paste passwords across to Safari.

As of iOS 8, this has all changed. Because of app extensions, 1Password can be directly triggered from a Safari Share sheet, providing rapid access to all of your usernames and passwords. In fact, 1Password goes further, because it can also be used with any third-party app that builds in support; examples that have gotten on board early include Slack, Instapaper, and Treehouse.


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App of the Week: 1Password review

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